What We've Learned from the Austin Bombings

The Austin bombings have taught me that the suspect who committed these heinous crimes was taught hatred by someone – rendering the mindset of slavery and segregation to still be alive. In most cases we could say that the mindset still exists less the action but in the case of Austin, TX, both the mindset and the actions prove that the Church still has work. Blacks have long decried the mindset still exists. The mindset that produces social injustices, police shootings, joblessness, firings, and many other inequalities in America. That same mindset that’s in hiring managers, politicians who create law, police officers, other leaders, and even preachers. The problem comes when, first, only GOD can read minds and humans can’t. Second, the chasm created by slavery and segregation doesn’t allow blacks and whites to see life through the same glasses. Riots and protests arise when the idea of the mindset that produced the Austin bombings is ignored or put off as if it’s just a perception.

Here’s the kicker. Luke 13 gives Jesus’ response to both blacks and whites to such a horrific situations. A tower fell on 18 people and killed them. Horrible. Jesus' response: “unless you repent, you will perish, too.” Jesus places the responsibility on those suffering because of the loss and the teachers for dealing with such a situation. The sufferers have a responsibility to make their lives right with our Creator and the church has the responsibility of teaching and calling people to repentance. A major component of healthcare is prevention. Both patients and caretakers must take steps to prevent costly, downstream episodes of care that decline ones health. The church, likewise, should be and should have been in the mode of prevention prior to the Austin bombings. It’s the responsibility of the Church to share life in unity, racial or otherwise, call others to repentance from hatred to love, teach the life of Christ, and mitigate life that’s absent of Jesus.

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