Change Management

Heno has provided the opportunity to hear many stories of pasts and reflections of history. Despite culture, history, familial influences, and other social factors, people can change their hearts. The Apostle Paul, at one time in his life, was one of the biggest racists around. But he changed. He changed because of the Cross of Jesus. Paul wrote repeatedly about changing our hearts – especially since we’ll all be changed from physical to spiritual. Physical attributes like race, beauty, and strength are not spiritual and are not lasting. I know a young black preacher who began a ministry at a small white rural church. The Church had suffered greatly because it was “white”, had a history of racism, and needed to grow with the town’s population which was increasingly black. One of the older members was known as “the biggest racist in town”. When that member died the young black preacher preached his funeral and he would have wanted it that way.

Change may have to come by changing what you’ve always thought or how things always were. It may have to come by choosing to be angry and sin not. Maybe change for you is simply searching your heart and becoming empathetic to the impacts of the past of another culture and removing unwarranted perceptions. At one point or another, GOD calls all of us to change.

Here’s a challenge. Don’t be afraid to change your heart of it needs changing. If your hate is what you learned or if your hate is because someone hated you first both are wrong and change is necessary. Here are a few tips for change: If heart change is necessary, be honest and acknowledge it. Create a plan to help you sustain the change. Share life with someone who will help you see your change. Don’t be afraid because physical heart change may be necessary for the spiritual change. Embrace it. Acknowledge it but don’t resist it!

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